3 Tips for Choosing the Right Bail Bond Company in Douglas County

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Posting bail for a loved one on your own has several disadvantages ranging from constantly thinking about his/her whereabouts and loss of financial security. A Douglas County bail bond company can help take that burden away from you and give you support. But how do you choose the right company that you can put your confidence to?

Ask around

It’s a daunting task to look for bail bond companies in Douglas County. With many of them showing up on your internet search and yellow pages, it’s confusing where you would start. If you want an excellent starting point, you should ask your friends and family. They can give you a good eye view of how a bail bond company handled their case, and what special attention that they got during the course of the bail bond agreement.

The next best source is the correction and court officers. Since they are responsible for all the legalities concerning a Douglas County inmate, they have more than their share of exposure with a Douglas County bondsman. They have a good insight on which company is best for your surety bail bonds based on your case and financial situation.

On the other hand, you should not ask anybody who approaches you to solicit their bail bond service directly. It is illegal in Douglas County for a bail bondsman to directly approach someone, especially an inmate to offer their services. Should anyone do so, report him/her immediately to the authorities. These individuals are not to be trusted, and they are often posers who will run away with your money. Never believe someone who will tell you they can offer you cheap bail bonds.

Once you get a good list, look for their address. The company should have a physical office that is minutes away from the detention facility. When you ask around for a “bonding company near me,” you should consider the proximity of the bonding company to the detention facility. If the address is a P. O. Box number, forget about that company.

Check license for Douglas County Bail Bonds

No one can undermine the importance of having a permit, especially when you are dealing with money. A licensed bail bonding company means it’s under the regulation of the Colorado Division of Insurance. This agency keeps a close eye on all insurance companies as well as their agents to ensure that everyone abides by state laws and regulations.

A copy of the license should show on the walls of the physical office. If the company refuses to reveal its license you can walk away. Do not get intimidated into signing up. Counter check the validity of the license at the Colorado Division of Insurance. If the name does not show up no matter how you arrange the name, or it shows a different registration, walk away.

Check the Douglas County bail bondsman’s license as well. Even if the company is licensed, that does not mean the agent automatically has one. Run the name of the agent you are talking with before you start discussing how do bail bonds work.

Ask questions

A good company for Douglas County bail bonds is one that is transparent about the offered services. Don’t be afraid to ask about what fees you need to pay for instant bail bonds. It’s a standard in Colorado that you have to pay a non-refundable 10 percent bail bond premium for the services of the company. It can go as high as 15 percent depending upon the nature of the case, as well as the flight risk of the defendant.

Ask about the collateral. The company should explain why a collateral is needed, and what your risks will be when you provide one. A collateral usually comes in the form of real estate property, vehicle, jewelry, or other precious items. These should have the capacity to be monetized to no less than 1.5 times the amount of bail set by the judge.

All fees and transactions should be transparent, and you should be able to understand every stipulation set in the bail bonds service agreement. You should not be obligated to sign up without knowing everything you need to know about bail bonds in Douglas County. You get a lot of benefits such as freedom to prepare for your trial, go to work, and stay with your family. However, there are risks involved when you fail to show up in court or abide by the bail bond agreement.

VIP Bail Bond won’t let you enter into something you are not sure of. Our business has spanned more than 11 years, and we are familiar with the process like the back of our hands. Everything you need to know about Douglas County bail bonds, we make sure to explain it to you clearly and concisely.

We are a 24-hour bail bond company ready to serve you anytime you need assistance with helping a loved one get out of jail. Don’t let your loved one stay in a stressful environment. Call us now at (303) 778-00266, and we’ll process your express bail bonds immediately.

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