4 Benefits To Use Hydro Jetting Sewer Pipe Cleaning Technology

Hydro Jetting CleaningHome owners have to contend with sewer line and drain clogs from time to time. The cause has been established to be the introduction of foreign objects into the sewer line, oil, grease and soil. Some of them find their way into the sewer line via the toilet, sink drains, showers, bath rubs and kitchen sink.

There are several solutions that home owners attempt in order to unclog the drain. A plunger is an effective tool that many people resort to but the sad news is that it does not solve the whole problem. When it comes to use of hot water, it is highly frowned upon by professional plumbers.

The reason why pouring hot water down the drain in attempts to loosen up the dirt, oil or grime is that it will cause damage to the pipes themselves. This will increase the costs of repairs. Pouring chemicals down the drain is also not acceptable.

The only solution that works and ensures long term results is hiring a professional sewer line repair guy. Professionals have a powerful solution: Hydro-Jet. It helps to eliminate difficult clogs that won’t budge.

Here are 4 benefits to use hydro jetting sewer pipe cleaning technology.

1. Compatible with different sewer pipes

Majority of home owners who buy a home usually don’t take the time to perform an in-depth investigation relating to sewer pipes. It is common to find new home owners asking basic questions about the sewer line – is everything ok, when was it last inspected and have there been problems in the past. This information can be provided on face value but lack of hiring a professional to inspect will leave you not knowing what type of material your sewer pipes are made of.

The good news is that if you experience clogging, hire professionals who can perform hydro jetting to your sewer pipes. The reason for this is that it works for different sewer pipes for example cement, steel cast iron, PVC and clay. The high pressured water will drive the clogging substance in your pipe allowing waste water to flow better like always.

2. Thorough results

Severe clogging has been found to cause back flow of waste water in the home. Imagine flushing the toilet and instead of the waste water flowing outwards, it starts flooding the toilet. This goes the same for the bathroom, the kitchen and washing sinks. This can be quite embarrassing especially if you have guests at home. Severe clogging happens when there are continuous deposits of dirt, oil, grime and foreign objects in the sewer pipe for a long period of time.

When hydro jet experts are hired, they do spare no expenses. The system is composed of concentrated jets of high water pressure which is directly applied within the sewer pipe. As the most thorough cleaning method for eliminating congested sewer lines, it is also very affordable.

The one thing you need to know is that other unclogging methods do take time and intensive labor to complete. Furthermore, they can harm your pipes resulting in huge repair and replacement costs. Hydro jetting is known to provide the best with effective results for solving stubborn drain and sewer line clogging issues.

3. Economical and environmentally safe

Chemical flushing is a method that most home owners think is effective against severe clogging in the sewer line. What many don’t know is that it can result in more problems increasing the costs of repairs and replacement. This is why experienced sewer pipe repair guys do not advocate chemical flushing or even use of hot water. Apart from causing damage to the sewer pipes, it has a negative environmental impact.

Unlike the above methods, hydro jetting is known to be an effective method. The other methods like the use of a mechanical snake may result in reclogging. With hydro jetting, you are assured of an effective and efficient method that is environmentally safe. The reason for this is because water is used instead of harmful chemicals. Furthermore, the water is cold and not hot which preserves the integrity of the sewer line.

Hydro jetting helps to remove self healing clogs from substances like grease and soap. It leaves the sewer line pipe clean and with improved flow rate.

4. The right method before pipe renovation

Hydro jetting has been identified as the most effective method when it comes to pipe renovations. Before a pipe is replaced, excessive debris and waste material need to be removed. This is effective especially if professionals are dealing with major pipe failures and breakages which demand serious attention.

The one thing that trenchless technology expert know is that liners cannot cure-in-place and create the essential new pipe segments if the sewer pipe in question is congested. Hydro jetting is a preferred method if experts are planning any of the following renovation methods:

a).  Relining applications
b).  Trenchless pipe lining
c).  Sectional point repair
d).  Pipe bursting
Hydro jetting helps to ensure high performance and affordable repairs.

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