5 Reasons Wood Look Tile Is Better Than Harwood

Do you love the look of wooden floors? Hardwood floors will add a timeless beauty to any room. In recent years, wood look tile is becoming ever so popular, taking the place of hardwood flooring. This is due to the benefits of having wood look tile in place of the traditional hardwood floors while still having the same classic wood appeal. Here are the top 5 reasons wood look tile is better than hardwood.

1. Effortless Cleaning

If you have children or pets, wood look tile is definitely the way to go if you want easier cleaning. Wood look tile is not high maintenance as hardwood is. Due to the smooth surface of wood look tile, to clean you simply sweep and mop. The same simple process as cleaning any other tile flooring. The tile's surface easily repels stains and moisture making messes and spills a breeze to wipe up.

2. Easy Maintenace

Hardwood is sensitive to scratches, dents, and can even warp. Wood look tile flooring does not easily chip or scratch making it a much better choice in traffic intense areas in the home. If the wood look tile would get a defective mark or dent that must be fixed. You would only have to replace one single piece of tile. Unlike hardwood where you would have to replace the entire floor. Wood look tile is super easy to maintain, simply clean as you would any other tile floor. On the other hand, hardwood floors are high maintenance, requiring cleaning with specific products. The flooring will eventually need to be resanded and refinished to maintain it's original beauty.

3. Any Place, Any Climate

Hardwood flooring has its' limitations. For example, you would not put hardwood flooring in a bathroom, in the basement, or in a laundry room. The moisture would lead to warping and destroy the wood even though hardwood is made to be quite resilient. Wood look tile can be used anywhere. Most people prefer to have tile flooring in their bathrooms and in their kitchens. Moisture is not a problem. The tile flooring will actually repel moisture and water. You can put tile flooring in any room you desire. When installing hardwood floors, you must also take into windows. You do not want too much direct sunlight, as wood can fade. That is not a problem with tile flooring.

4. Customize

You can create your own custom pattern and design out of wood look tile. Obviously, that can not be done with hardwood. The knots, grains, and other elements are already intermixed into the hardwood. The look of the hardwood can not be changed or altered. With wood look tile flooring, you can pick the color of the wood and all the specific details. You can customize the wood look tile to be however you want it. Match the tiles to the other furniture in the room. Mix it up and have your own unique style of flooring. It can be fully customized by you.

5. Cost Effective

Overall, the cost of wood-look tile is significantly lower than purchasing and maintaining hardwood floors. To begin, tile flooring cost much less than hardwood does. The labor is expensive for installing hardwood flooring while you could install wood look tile flooring by yourself. It is easier to install tile floors than to install hardwood floors. Installing hardwood flooring is much more labor intensive and easier to do if left to a professional. The upkeep of wood look tile flooring is also cheaper. It is easy to maintain compared to the costly high maintenance of hardwood flooring. You can clean tile with typical cleaning products. You have to buy specially approved, more expensive cleaning products for hardwood.

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