With a name soo easy to enunciate, there is barely a platform that comes quicker to mind when the urge to know more about stuff kicks in. The urge to learn has never been harder to cull than today, and to meet this problem, we mirrored everything we would have appreciated in an informational platform, and an audience grew autonomously.

With nearly a thousand contributors of content to the platform, bloggers and other species of writers are the backbone that keeps us moving forward upright. Values such as creation of original content, not plagiarising and when due mentioning credible sources of snippets that support ideas, all have been implanted into the lot that we are proud to associate with even off the platform.


P2P12 tests content for quality measures and every time leads other contribution based platforms in audible, accurate and relatable content.

Because we are so close to the readers and contributors actively engaging on the content we share, rapid growth has become the constant deliverable that we can predict for ourselves and for the writers too. Some writers’ careers took flight once their voice was heard coming from our coves of reasoning. Thanks to the framework we created to govern how each of us is perceived by the rest of the world.


About Us


Most of the writers active on our platform are leaders in their areas of expertise, another characteristic imparted by the great positioning effect of the platform. Comparable expertise is delivered from the moderating teams that we managed to scurry from as diverse a walk of life as possible. Covering the many topics we see on a daily basis can dull the sanity of any normal being, which is why we have teams making sure that enquiries and submissions are worked on by fresh sets of eyes every time.


Participating in what we can all agree as the most dynamic content types ¬ ideas, opinions and news. Time is of the essence, and in order not to miss even a single hot topic of your liking, readers should take advantage of the notification systems strategically planted to be less of a disturbance but rather a stimulus towards fresh ideas.


P2P12 therefore carries a task comparable to one accepted by Atlas, that of keeping thousands of readers’ curious minds fed by goodreads, and allowing conversations to go on without listening for views that would otherwise contradict our own values.