Can You Afford NOT To Invest In The Best Security Cameras & Security Systems?

If you really want to protect your family and your possessions, you should invest in the best security system you can afford right now, and then upgrade later.
We may live a city with a reputation of Toronto the Good, but the city’s crime statistics are more alarming than most large North American cities – a lot more alarming.
Statistics never lie, and according to Statistics Canada, the violent crime rate per 100,000 Toronto residents is 907. In New York, it’s 581, in Los Angeles 559. Yes, Toronto has a relatively low homicide rate compared to U.S. cities, but a very high crime rate in general.

Protect Yourself, Your Family and Your Business

So how do you stay safe in light of these scary facts? There are two ways: Firstly, seek out a reputable security cameras & surveillance systems installation company for a consultation. You need a modern integrated security system for your home and your business. Sorry, your old security keypad on the wall is not adequate in the age of smart homes and internet monitoring.
Secondly, when you leave your home, be aware of your surroundings. You’ve heard this mantra of personal security before, but you can never be too aware.
At home, you should feel comfortably secure, and a state-of-the-art security system with cameras and an internet connection will put your mind at ease. A professional security technician can show you the latest advancements in home security “smart” equipment.

Can You Afford NOT To Invest In The Best Security Cameras & Security Systems?1

Beware of Porch Pirates

Did you know you can get a camera installed inside your doorbell that turns on whenever someone shows up on your doorstep, whether they ring the bell or not? That’s ingenious. It means you can access the camera view of your front door from any smartphone anywhere in the world. Let’s say you’re in Cancun relaxing on the beach, when your phone alerts you to a person in front of your door. You open the app, see who’s there, and you can talk to them through the doorbell speaker.
We’re willing to bet that a burglar will move on to another house, where no one answers the doorbell. Congratulations, you have just foiled a knock-knock thief, a burglar who knocks or rings the bell to see which homes are vacant.
Another type of criminal plaguing Canadian cities in 2016 is the Porch Pirate. This is a new kind of crime where perpetrators merely walk up to your front porch and steal any packages near your door. With so much online shopping activity, porch piracy is bound to grow proportionately.

Don’t Delay Another Day

The time to upgrade your security system is now, before a major crime wreaks havoc in your life. Thieves have all the latest technology at their disposal, and so should you. Forget about the moniker Toronto the Good. Invest in the best security cameras & security system for your own good. Here are just some of the many advantages of security cameras & surveillance systems installation in Toronto:

Insurance: You’ll save a bundle on your homeowners insurance because most insurers will lower your premiums up to 20% if you install a monitored security system.

– Thwart Thugs: Potential burglars typically case the joint first, so an outdoor security camera in plain sight is a front-line deterrent.

– Help Police: If you get robbed, your security cameras will help police identify the bad guys, track them down, and hopefully retrieve your stolen property.

– Monitor Kids: You’ll have another set of eyes to keep tabs on your kids, elderly relatives and teenage babysitters when you install cameras that can be viewed remotely. Plus, you’ll have a front row seat to the real secret life of pets.

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