Care and Maintenance Tips for Your TMJ Night Guard


The TMJ disorder or the Temporomandibular Joint disorder is a complicated issue which requires the help of highly professional dental care providers. TMJ as a dental condition is related to bruxism/ teeth grinding that is usual among many people among us while we are asleep at night.

Constant jaw pains, pain in the ears and head or any kind of difficult while chewing or even opening our mouth, means that it is about time we visited our dental care providers in order to discuss the TMJ treatment we might have to undergo soon. Usually, dentists recommend custom made and fitted night guards in order to protect our teeth against grinding.


  • TMJ though useful takes a little effort in its care and maintenance. ProperĀ care of our TMJ Night Guard begins as soon as the insertion takes place. We need to ensure that we do not, in any way, end up manipulating the TMJ night guard because of biting. It is advised that we wash our hands properly before even touching the Night Guard before inserting it into its designated place. The morning routine for the TMJ Night Guard involves careful removal of the night guards with the help of our fingers, trying to pry it away gently from our teeth. Night guards are supposed to be worn every night effectively by applying a little pressure with our fingers on both sides of our teeth. If not done, we might end up chipping or cracking and deteriorating our teeth.
  • Cleaning the TMJ Nightguards is an essential part of care and maintenance routine. Night Guards must be cleaned thoroughly after every single use. They need to rinsed in lukewarm water only. Hot water might end up melting them. After rinsing them, you need to scrub the night guard gently with the help of a soft bristled toothbrush and a cleaning agent that shall be recommended by your dental care provider. If you are out of a cleaning agent, you could also take help of a nonabrasive toothpaste, liquid soap, denture cleanser, etc. After this has been done, you can give your TMJ night guards a final rinse and place them on a clean towel and let them dry for your next use.
  • Once your night guard has completely dried out, you need to store it. But always remember, storing the TMJ night guard while it is still wet might lead to bacterial growth. Night Guards are supposed to kept in the case designated especially for them, on your nightstand. Placing them or keeping them in your bathroom might destroy their quality because of all the steam inside the bathroom. Also, you need to ensure that you clean the nightguards case every now and then.
  • A regular dental visit is a must once you have TMJ night guards. Your dental practitioner can inspect and check for any signs of damage which might be potentially harmful to you. Night guards require not just care but frequent inspections, otherwise they might have to be replaced with the new ones.

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