CCTV Systems and Security Cameras in Toronto

In the city of Toronto there are government organizations that are considering new installations of video surveillance technology with increasing the number of them for purposes of general law enforcement and other public safety programs, citizen protection, and visitor or traveler protection and more. Today there are quite a few surveillance system all over Toronto. You can see these CCTV’s a very few spots around the city that are not under some kind of surveillance.

These security systems in Toronto belong to the city, police, TTC, or most private business owners. They have been in use since 2007. It is also known that the police do take certain safety measures to protect the privacy of local citizens and visitors who pass by them. Most of the security systems are not watched live. After seventy-two hours the film is then overwritten. There are thousands of CCTV’s placed in automobiles and public transportation services around Toronto to help watch passengers, investigate safety concerns, and to provide evidence if a crime happens on TTC property

CCTV Systems and Security Cameras in Toronto

Over two-thousand CCTV’s have been placed in train stations. There are four security cameras that have been placed each on Toronto’s 1,857 buses. About 200 streetcars have four each. The city also has express policies for the cameras use in public places. Toronto does not live watch public transports only certain train platforms for best control measures of the crowds. These security systems remain in place for safety and crime reasons. There are quite a few shops, malls, main office buildings, and other private owned business properties in the city that have surveillance located both on inside and outside their business premises.

One business is known for spending about $3.4 million in upgrading its CCTV system. CCTV systems can be found located in and around the center of the city all the way to Dundas Square. Toronto has a policy that states business organizations that records people in public with video surveillance must have vivid signs letting those people know that they are being filmed and why they are being filmed and how they can go about requesting a print of film This policy is part of the PIPEDA guidelines. Toronto has millions of visitors each year who come to tour this city and they come from all across the world.

Residents of Toronto communities are quite convinced that these video security is put in place only to protect property and they really end up lowering safety of local citizens who work, live, and commute there. There are some residents who believe you do not have any rights in a public areas and nothing can prevent you from being filmed by a camera or even those carrying a cellphone. Still there are those who think these security systems prevent crime by scaring criminals away that know the CCTV’s are in place. Some police certainly agree, at least some do, while others do not believe they are a crime prevention measure at all. The CCTV’s still remain place and in fact have caught criminals in act of committing crimes.

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