CCTV Video Monitoring & Surveillance in Mississauga

In 2012 the city of Mississauga, Toronto decided that they were going to install CCTVs within the municipal road allowance. It was meant to be one among the measures to ensure safety and efficiency within the roads of Mississauga. They were also going to assess the individuals using these roads and protects the assets within this roads.

The CCTV was meant to be the system that observed, recorded and monitored the municipal road allowance. There are 2 types of cameras traffic monitoring camera and the red light camera. Both of them have different purposes, the traffic monitoring camera is meant to check on the traffic flow. The red light camera or speed camera is meant to check on places that experience many accident or people violate the road policies and laws. Hence they had to consider placement of these cameras differently.

They were going to place the cameras in positions that were justified and reasonable. For instances roads that experienced high traffic jam. Even so they had to consider the individual privacy. No camera was meant to be placed in a place that had a wide view of a private building or an area that was meant to offer privacy. They had to come up with proposal of the camera position. Each camera position had to be assessed for one to prove its efficiency if in that position.

The idea was after the installation, the municipal council was meant to have a training program which was going to train the selected few on how to operate the CCTV as well as learn the responsibilities they had in protecting the individual’s privacy. There was going to be an updated list of the authorized operators who would operate the CCTV. All the employees were also meant to protect and refrain using the CCTV records. They were not meant to be erased, destroyed or altered.

CCTV Video Monitoring & Surveillance in Mississauga1

CCTV Video Monitoring & Surveillance in Mississauga2

It should be noted that this CCTV system was meant to monitor the traffic system and not to be used as surveillance. So basically it was and is meant to check on the effectiveness of the traffic system as well as the safety of the pedestrians, cyclist and drivers.

There are many advantages that Mississauga has experiences and will keep on experiencing. This includes: it has encouraged safe driving. This is because every driver knows they are being watched. Hence this discourages them in violating the roads laws and policies.

It has ensured that the law has been enforced and those who do not obey the law, are caught and issued tickets. The traffic records help the commuters, this is because the traffic operators usually share news with the radio or TV about the traffic report. This may save time for a commuter who may decide to use another route to get to their jobs or home.

It has data that can be analyzed and help in the decisions on developments and construction of the future roads.

There is also disadvantages like the CCTV cameras are not resistant to the weather and may be damaged by bad weather. In case of a severe car accident, it may also damage the CCTV cameras. All in all the CCTV cameras have impacted the city positively and there has been reduction of accidents.

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