Customers To Enjoy Intergrated Services As Vector Security Makes A New Acquisition

Vector Security has acquired a managed services company called IRG. The announcement was made by the company’s Chief Executive Officer Petrow. This initiative will enable Vector Security to provide managed network services to its clients. It will also make it possible for the company to have access to giants in the retail business. Such giant companies include Coach, American Eagle and Estee Lauder. The newly acquired company is located in Bethesda, Md.

According to the signed agreement, IRG will become a subsidiary of Vector Security but still based in Bethesda. All its employees which comprises of 32 people plus its CEO Mike Luzio will also join Vector Security. The newly acquired company is expected to work closely with national accounts group of Vector Security whose headquaters is at Gainsville, Va.

Customers To Enjoy Intergrated Services As Vector Security Makes A New Acquisition1

Vector Security CEO Pam Petrow told Security Systems News that the convergence of IT and security is clear to every person. He added that their customers are looking for intergrated solutions to their problems. This move will enable them get the solution they have patiently been waiting for.

Petro added that from the customer’s perspective, clients will be able to get excellent solution as well as business case that will enable them introduce technology into the place of work. This will in turn help them to effectively manage their business at low cost. By so doing, productivity will be enhanced to a considerable level.

Industry Retail Group is a managed network services company that helps to install and extent connection of networks. The company also has good connections with national cable as well as telecom providers. IRG provides a wide range of services including enterprise Wi-Fi solutions, hosted VoIP, hotspot and mobility. It has over 75 multi-site and retail customers. According to IRG CEO Mike Luzio, the average Industry Retail Group customers have 400-1200 sites.

Statistics show that Vector Security has approximately 100 retail customers and close to 45,000 customer locations in North America.

Mrs Pam Petrow revealed that the company has always wanted to acquire a network services company. It has even partnered with Spacenet, a managed network services provider. Petro however added that they wanted to bring the services inhouse by making full acquisition. She continued that IRG is what they had been looking for. Its market and customer standpoint makes it the best choice.

Pam Petrow pointed out that they love IRG because of its good people and excellent market approach. She also said that they share the same culture. Customer service is also the same. This makes Industry Retail Group their best fit.

According to Luzio, IRG CEO, his customers have wanted to benefit from extra services for a long time. Physical security is one of such services. He added that clients want to tie on matters regarding point of sale with access control, video surveillance as well as business analytics. They prefer to have intergrated services. Luzio also stated that he had already contacted customers to tell them about the new deal.

This is going to transform lives of customers here.

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