Opt for Laser Therapy to Treat Varicose Veins

Laser TherapyAs per latest studies in medical science, the option with lasers is considered the most effective for treatment of varicose veins. This conclusion has come from a round of studies which was conducted on patients and observations made on how their quality of life had changed within six months. Other treatments, too, did produce good results but there were lesser number of complications after Treatment via the Laser route.

Incidentally, varicose veins are blood vessels which swell up, enlarge and then twisten. It is malfunctioning in the valves of veins which results in this condition. Those afflicted with it have their blood returning up into the heart from the veins in the leg region due to contraction in calf muscles. In normal circumstances, valves in these veins put a stop to blood going backwards. However, for those with varicose veins, the valves somewhat malfunction. Due to this, blood flows backwards, gets concentrated in the veins, and makes them all swollen up. With lasers and via a Procedure Termed Endovenous Laser Ablation, the heat energy from laser beams cordons off the damaged vessels. Thus, the blood flow gets directed into the healthy veins close by.

Via the mode of foam treatment, another form of therapy for this, drugs are made to enter the blood vessels. This medication, when comes in contact with air, makes the vessel wall become thick. This also, in some which way, cordons off blood flow, at least to some extent. However, this method is not all that foolproof and the afflicted person may need to go in for another method of treatment as well to fully recover from the disease.

Research in this field has thrown up certain interesting data. With laser therapy, about 83 per cent people were said to be healed. Only 54.6 per cent of those who underwent foam treatment logged in good results. However, 84.4 per cent of those who had a surgical procedure done on them were healed. Lasers are also considered better than foam for larger veins. This is because the effectiveness of foam procedures works in inverse proportion to the vein size. Nonetheless, surgery is accepted as a better-off treatment for patients who have problems such as veins lying very near the skin or them being larger than three-fourths of an inch in their diameters.

Varicose Veins do not just show up outwardly. It is something which causes pain the afflicted area too. Also, swelling up of the ankles, certain changes in the skin, and even ulcer formation can happen. This disease can happen to men as well as women, though its incidence is more in women who are expecting, those who are older in age, obese, and even those who tend to remain standing for longer durations of time while at home or at work. In addition, this is a problem which may crop up more often than not in people with this condition somewhere in their family tree.

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