Top Tips for Finding the Right Bail Bondsman in Jefferson County

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A person who is arrested in Jefferson County is incarcerated in the detention center located in
Brighton, Colorado. If you need someone to bail a loved one out of jail, the easiest way is through an
Jefferson County bondsman. Still, you need to know that there are laws governing bail bonds in Jefferson
County, and the nearest bondsman is not necessarily the right one for your case. Here’s how you can
find a bondsman suited to tackle your bail dilemma.

Search for an Jefferson County bail bondsman

When searching for a bail bondsman, it is highly advised that you go for a local bondsman close to
you or the detention facility. This way it’s easy for them to travel and for you to get to their office
during the bail bond process. The exception is when you live out of Colorado. Keep in mind that bail
bond regulations differ in every state. For example, bail premium in California is 8%, while you need
to pay 10 percent bail bonds in Colorado. A local bail bondsman in Jefferson County is also well-
informed and adept in the local judiciary system pertaining to the release of an Jefferson County
inmate or defendant.

Ask referral from a lawyer or court officer

You can also get a referral from a lawyer or court officer. No one knows how bail bondsmen work
better than they do. These individuals work and interact with bail bond agents as well as bail
bonding companies daily. They can tell you who is best suited for your particular case. Since they
have access to your loved one’s records, they can talk about your options and provide you with a list
of whom to contact.

Avoid non-licensed and soliciting “agents”

Be careful when you are talking to court and detention officers. There are many fake agents who will
approach you and offer you cheap bail bonds. These individuals often lurk outside the perimeter of
the detention facility, while others can go inside to look for prey. You are in a vulnerable situation at
this point, and they will take advantage of your weakness. It is illegal for a bail bondsman to conduct
business by soliciting inside courthouses and detention centers.
Our bondsman will not approach you or your loved one to force you into signing a contract. If you
encounter someone pretending to be a bondsman in Jefferson County affiliated with PDQ bail, contact
us immediately and inform the court officers.

Confirm licensing

Once you narrowed down your list, confirm the licensing of the Jefferson bondsman. Run the name of
each bonding agent through the Colorado Division of Insurance licensing search. This agency is
“responsible for administering and enforcing Colorado Insurance Laws regulating the bail bonding

industry and for handling complaints against bail bonding agents.” Only licensed bail bond agents
are allowed to post bail bonds in Jefferson County.
All our agents in PDQ Bail Bonds are licensed and insured. You can run their license number to
confirm the validity of their licenses. We guarantee that our services are legal and won’t cause any
problems with state regulations.

Contact the bail bondsman

Speak with the bail bondsman and ask questions about his/her services. You should ask about how
long he/she has been working in Jefferson County, and what is his/her specialty. Let him/her know
what you need and ask him how he intends to deliver bail bond service. He should be able to explain
to you how do bail bonds work and eliminate your confusion. The way he/she talks should also be
polite, courteous, and respectful.
Our bail bondsmen have more than 10 years of experience in serving Jefferson County. We do not
judge you by the case of your arrestee/detainee. Let us know the full details of your
arrestee/detainee, and we’ll discuss all the possible options available for you.

Confirm availability of the Jefferson County bondsman

The right bail bondsman is someone who is available 24/7. You cannot get express bail bonds if you
cannot contact the bail bondsman late at night. An arrest can happen anytime, and emergencies do
not pick when they are going to happen.

Our Jefferson County bail bondsman is always available any time of the day, any day of the week. May
it be weekends or holidays, you can always count on our agent. Should your assigned bondsman is
unavailable because of an urgent call or situation, there will always be someone to take your case
and provide the same exceptional assistance.

Our mission in PDQ Bail Bond is to utilize our 40 years of experience to help you get out jail fast. No
one has to suffer another grueling minute inside a detention facility, and our experienced Jefferson
County bondsman will pull out all the stops to help your release. You need our assistance more if
this is your first offense or you are confused with the criminal justice system. If you find yourself in
trouble with the law in Jefferson County, contact us at our bail hotline (303) 778-0026 so we can rectify
the situation ASAP.

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